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All Of Our Products Are Custom Made Literary Plots And 100% Royalty-Free!

Movie/Sitcom Plots

Don’t waste your time writing out all of your plots for your movies and sitcoms….we have already done that for you!……..

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Sell Us Your Karmic Debt

We recycle our clients’ karmic debt into custom made literary plots.  Being a racist has its good and bad entitlements……

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License Songs

Once of the most time consuming tasks for a rap artist to complete, is creating a song that parents will love spending money on, and children will…..

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Business Strategies

One of most time consuming task for a business owner is developing a business strategy to determine which way to market ………

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Patent Ideas

Every inventor needs a reason to invent a new patent. Finding a reason to invent anything new is one of the most time consuming tasks…….

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Determining how to deliver a powerful, yet fresh message in a sermon is one of the most time consuming tasks of a minister………

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Abuse Training Aides

Every career field tackles abuse with new trainees.  Counselors discuss abuse with their residents as well.  One of the most time…….

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Start Your Own

Do you have time to accept appointments from clients via skype? Do you have what it takes to buy karmic debt from clients……..

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Racism tutoring

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